Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Schedule & Help The Dolphins Raise Cancer Awareness And Prevention

On another topic, as you know the Dolphins are proud to support cancer awareness and prevention both as an organization as well as within our Web Weekend group. At both our Draft Party (April 25) and Fin Fest (April 27) a team of healthcare professionals, including licensed dermatologists, will be conducting free skin cancer screenings as part of the Melanoma Exposed Screen. Protect. Know. Tell. campaign. Last year, Melanoma Exposed screened nearly 400 Dolphins fans for skin cancer and the team hopes to screen even more this year. Melanoma Exposed is an educational campaign led by melanoma advocacy groups and Bristol-Myers Squibb to raise awareness of melanoma and its risk factors.

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The dolphins can go undefeated this season. Remember last year; Miami was in every game until the second half. Their whole problem now and in the past; since the retirement of the Great One; has been not scoring enough POINTS! You have to remember, no defense shows up for every game. So, this is why the offense has to assist the defense every week. If this happens; the dolphins can truly go UNDEFEATED!