Friday, March 01, 2013

Stadium update

It appears as though the Dolphins want the referendum to be held on May 14, giving them time to get results to the NFL.  So they are requesting that as the date.  That would in turn mean they would have to have it written and submitted by March 15 (60 days in advance of the special election).  If my calculations are correct, that's 14 days from now.

And so far, they haven't hammered out what they want to say. But it appears as though will be of this nature: "to gauge public opinion on increasing hotel taxes from 6 to 7 percent to fund the stadium renovations."  So, the county would spend $5 million to simply get be able to say "see legislature, the public wants it!"

But there's another inherent problem: the legislature will end its session on May 3, which is a couple of weeks before the referendum might happen.  So, essentially the referendum is meaningless.  Yeah, maybe you're able to turn out enough votes to get the public to say they want it - but there wouldn't be any consideration of any of this until at least September.  And even then - who knows?

On a related topic, there was some discussion about this being a "bad investment for Mr. Ross" from one Mike Dee - and yet its a good investment for the county?  Sheesh.  Funny how that works. 

And then, on the other hand, he did find what apparently is a "good investment" in Miami:

At $800 million, it kind of makes you wonder why he won't foot the bill for renovations to his own stadium.  Oh right, there's no new revenue to be gained.  He'll simply hopes to get a tax break, and perhaps will be able to sell some additional premium seats with no risk to him.  That is a "good investment" for him certainly.

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