Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stadium news

I am dumbfounded by absurdity sometimes. And the audacity of some people makes me scratch my head.

The NFL wants host cities to exempt them from paying taxes

Yes you read that right. A not for profit NFL thinks it should not have to pay taxes, in spite of it raking in billions each year, and being able to afford paying the commissioner around $30 million annually.

It kind of boggles the mind, especially when the Dolphins are trying to push legislation to increase hotel taxes in order to fund stadium renovations, but the NFL thinks *they* shouldn't have to pay them! Talk about ridiculousness!

The NFL requests a broad range of tax exemptions from host cities, including waivers for everything from contributing to local employees’ unemployment insurance to having parking be tax-free during pre-game events. Barreto said in an interview he has decided to only reject the exemption for hotel taxes at this point. The full committee will consider other exemptions in the coming weeks as the group prepares to meet a May 1 deadline for submitting a bid for the ’16 and 2017 games. Committee members also will begin talks with NFL executives next month which can serve as negotiations over some of the requests, he said.
This idea of stadium improvements keeps getting dumber and dumb-er-er.  And of course the NFL makes the blanket statement "hey, you get millions in revenue from the big game, so you should be happy to do it."

I've being saying for years that the biggest joke in all of sports is the SuperBowl.  The supposed "economic benefit" has been thoroughly debunked as a myth.  The NFL gets perks and tax breaks, while there's more police, garbage collection, etc. to be paid for by someone.  And lets not forget that *most* of the people who are "working" at the big game are volunteers - so its not like the NFL is paying people in the local economy.

Thankfully the local host committee said no.  But, San Francisco has already told the NFL they would gladly meet their demands on tax breaks - and that will absolutely secure them SuperBowl L (they were already a shoe-in, this just is the proverbial icing on the cake); and Houston is mulling this possibility for SuperBowl LI - so Miami may find themselves out in the cold there, too.

So if the NFL is making demands that the host committee is not willing to accommodate, and that means the SuperBowl won't be coming here - then I suppose the carrot of the game is removed, and there shouldn't be any money spent on JRS getting any subsidies....or at least I would hope not.

In related news, there will be no referendum held on May 14 as the Dolphins requested; they had to set a date 60 days in advance, and that did not happen.

And the legislature threw a small curve ball.  They will only consider changing legislation if there is a referendum that the locals want it - and the specific details on what they would ask has not been announced.

I would argue that while its not over yet, I suspect this issue will be tabled for "a while"...
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