Thursday, March 28, 2013

New logo

I don't like the new logo. But, for some strange reason I was immediately reminded of the Boston Breakers USFL logo from 30 years ago.

I know, most people won't see it. And really, the only relationship is that they are supposed to evoke the movement of the ocean in a way. But there was just something familiar about it. Kinda. Sorta. To me, anyway.

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I personally Hate! the new logo. I would think that we would want to put out a message that we are rebuilding to be a strong dominate team of the future, instead our logo looks like it belongs on a rubber raft trying to cut off a whaling ship. (Yes those on the raft have cuts but they don’t intimidate a 700 ton ship.) I can only hope that the uniforms don’t look like they belong in a Broadway chorus line. I have been a dolphin fan my whole life and will always support my Phins, However, I will never be able to support this new logo!