Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings?

Reuters/Hans Deryk
It's that time of the month. Speculation is running wild as to who will get signed, by which team, for how much money and all that good stuff. We have finally ended that boring period that fell in between the end of the Superbowl and now. Yes there was the combine and applying franchise tags but now is the point where it affects the teams in terms of a new change. Dolphin fans want to get excited again and that will be accomplished if we land one of the two top receivers, Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings. This point in the year is where optimism is everywhere in the league. Teams get better and the fan bases get excited. Just look at the Chiefs, they were last in the league last year, a complete joke and now Alex Smith comes and there is optimism. Unless your a team like the Jets who now is contemplating trading away their best player.

Lets focus in on the Dolphins though. Its seems from the reports coming from and now from pro football talk that Mike Wallace is the Dolphins top option. And why wouldn't he, he has the speed that blows the top off a defense with the skill set to being a number one receiver and he is only 26 years old with no big injury history. All the things the Dolphins desperately needed last season. There is however the chance we don't land him since he is regarded as the number one player in free agency and teams like the Vikings and Titans are going to be in the mix as well.

Could all this be a smokescreen though and who we really have our eyes on is Greg Jennings? The same guy who was the number one receiver for the Super Bowl champion Packers when Philbin was there. Maybe Philbin likes Jennings route running and experience and his character. No one knows exactly how Wallace will behave in south beach, Wallace has been considered a diva receiver and the Dolphins have done a good job of getting rid of those in years past (Brandon Marshall). Jennings will help out Bess and Hartline improve. However thats not to say that Wallace might not be able to do the same.

I think it will all come down to the money. How much are the Dolphins willing to spend. If they fell that Wallace is the missing piece, I think they should go after him. Give him Vincent Jackson like money and hope he helps this offense. However if they feel like they need more playmakers they may opt for a cheaper Jennings who could come in for a discount because he is familiar with Philbin and they could get a TE as well. In my opinion it comes down to how much money they feel right giving. I have no doubt in my mind Ross is willing to use up all of the cap space if need be. The amount of money shouldn't be a problem. The problem is how much do they think is a fair price for Wallace that won't endanger us in signing other pieces.

Also the Dolphins either need to sign one of these guys or draft a WR with the number one pick. I don't want to get another number 2 or 3 receiver on this team. Bess is a great slot guy and Hartline is a good number 2. If we bring in a guy like Amendola or Titus Young, I'm not if they are better than Hartline and could beat him out for the number one spot. I say go for Wallace, give him an offer a little more than Bowe got this year and see what Wallace says. If he declines then go after Jennings. both of those are upgrades to the position, you can't go wrong with either.
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