Sunday, March 03, 2013

It makes you wonder a bit

Its really not that unusual to find real estate developers involved in legal actions. There are a significant number of factors involved in large-scale projects, from permits to the construction-related issues to other groups being opposed to people being dissatisfied investors.

And naturally the Related Group (a/k/a Stephen Ross' company) is no exception. Google them and you'll find many instances where their legal department is working to settle a number of issues.

But one in particular caught my attention. Turns out, unseemly practices aren’t illegal for developers written by Fred Grimm about a month ago, deals with one Miami case of Jorge Perez, chairman of the Related Group.

Does it have any  bearing on the Stadium deal Ross is looking to close? Well, not really.  I'm merely pointing out that there's more happening than you and I will ever know.
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