Friday, March 22, 2013

Interesting development on the stadium

Yesterday, the Dolphins announced a slight change in their approach to getting their much-sought-after stadium dollars.

Basically, they are turning the idea slightly.  They will go to Boston (or wherever the owners meeting is on May 22) and pitch Miami as a SuperBowl destination for either L (which would take a Herculean effort to pry it away from San Francisco) or LI in competition with Houston (longshot), *without* having a clear idea of whether improvements will be funded (or how they would be).

Then, if they are awarded the SuperBowl they will hold it as a carrot in their negotiations to get funding.  Essentially, they will prepare the referendum in a way that says "vote to allow us to have the money or we don't get the SuperBowl." 

And if the vote doesn't go their way (and believe me there will be a HUGE effort to try and get it to go their way), the SuperBowl would be re-assigned.

Also, if the owners don't award either of them to Miami, the Dolphins won't pursue the money for now.

So its all in on the owners vote that the Dolphins think/hope will go their way....and of course, the host committee still haven't relented on the tax-holiday for the NFL, which makes this difficult (unless of course they privately agreed to consider it)

Amusingly, the host committee made a comment yesterday that said, essentially, all of South Florida would be included in any SuperBowl.  This is contrary to previous statements, and runs counter to the proposals in Miami-Dade county to keep things in their neck of the woods.
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