Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Follow the money!!

The dolphins announced that they are willing to make concessions and repay the money for stadium renovations.

But read the fine print. It's most of the money. And it's in 30 years from now.

I'm not going to sit here and speculate on the reasons mr Ross is making this "generous" offer, but one has to assume that (a) it directly benefits him in some way (like perhaps there's a tax advantage) and (b) it increases the value of the team in the time *he* owns it - it's not possible for him to own the team for 30 years, and he can recoup the amount from the new owner.

So look at the financial arrangement and decide for yourself.
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So what if helps him in the long run .....everyone wants to label him as cheap ......but he has shelled out $$ for any big player Miami has wanted ....he is sinkin a boatload of his money into stadium to bring superbowls in .....wich will. Help out area major in financial ways .........people need to open their eyes .

.Ross has grown a lot as an owner since buying the team seems that Wayne made more mess ups than Ross has ....Wayne brought n parcels how did that work out .............the fans down there do nothin but birch n moan ....frst Jeff never gets any big free agents ...then he gets the most explosive reciever available to help tannehill .....still no-one is happy .....a message to all you so called fans who do nothin but birch and moan .....the jets need a new chearleader .........go now ......

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How much will be the Dollar worth in 30 years ? 10 Cents ?