Monday, February 04, 2013

Parting thoughts

  • Bill Parcells makes it into the Hall of Fame, while Bob Keuchenberg still waits by the phone to be inducted.  Kooch only played for 18 years, played in 5 superbowls (winning two), etc, etc.  While the other guy had 3 superbowl winning seasons while messing up one franchise, and duping two others.  Yeah, the HoF just became a joke. I hope he goes in as the Dolphins VP.
  • Joe Flacco you just won the SuperBowl what are you going to do now?  "I'm going to Disneyworld!  Hey aren't there three supposed NFL teams in the state where the parks are?"
  • Of course Flacco was drafted by the Ravens in a year when the Dolphins had their "pick of the litter" and took Jake Long.  How's that working out for you?
  • The Dolphins didn't play the Ravens this season, but probably would have lost
  • The Dolphins *did* lose the 49ers, and you can see how far away they are from being good by that loss
  • Even my grandmother thought Beyonce was hot
  • The Ravens moved from Cleveland in 1996. The Browns were terrible at the time...but in that span, they've made the playoffs 9 times and won the champeenship twice.
  • In that same span, Miami has made the playoffs 6 times - which isn't that bad, until you consider that they lost in the first round thrice, and the three other times were blowouts in the second round.
  • Funny how so far the news today has been "and the power went out and delayed the game" - unlike when it the game was in Miami and "OMG, its raining hard, you guys need a roof!!"  They are both freakish things that happened, but the difference is that your paying customers got wet in one, and in the other it was actually bright enough to play, but the TV audience wouldn't have had the great view.  Bottom line: its all about the money.
  • Funny how Ted Ginn (jr) had one opportunity to do something big during the comeback run, and actually lowered his shoulder - then he had one more chance on the free kick...but of course came up short (can you imagine if he had scored?  Superbowl MVP Ted Ginn?)
  • So, yeah, the 49ers had a 1st goal at the 7, with the game essentially on the line.  And they couldn't find a play to score, and there may or may not have been a holding call.  But honestly, there were other situations in the game that could have altered the outcome:  Supposing they went for the 6 instead of the field goal at the end of the half?  Supposing they went for 2 on any of the drives where they scored in the second half, or supposing on the drive after Ray Rice fumbled they had gotten a TD (or again a call went their way; there was a defensive foul on that series as well).  Things maybe would have been different if one of those things had gone differently.
  • Non calls happen, especially in big games.  That's just the way the NFL works (and is partially why Bellichick has been successful in the post season, he has his players push the limits of the rules, but that's another story).  But there was one play that just floored me: Anquan Boldin makes a catch on the right sideline.  He grabs the facemask of the db and HOLDS ON for 3 yards as the guy tries to push him out of bounds. His arm is extended, so its obvious its more than a stiff arm. How can that not be a foul?  (and this was a TD drive for the Ravens late; imagine if they had lost 15 yards on the drive.  Maybe that would have had an impact?)
  • I was talking with a buddy of mine the other day about the NFL, and how unwatchable it is due to all the commercials.  Yes, its the Superbowl.  And yes, there was a 34 minute delay for the power outage.  But the game started at about 6:20, and ended at about 10:45.  Even allowing for 30 minutes, that's 4 hours!  And that seemed to be more like the norm.
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