Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 49ers go to the big show

I watched this game with a lot of interest.  On the one hand, you had the Falcons who are what the Dolphins could have been.  Remember, the owner made a pitch to get Bill Parcells.  Had he gotten him, the Dolphins may be a different team today - and the Falcons may have been the ones snookered, and Parcells may have been "upstairs watching film"...instead, they got a good QB, and a single coach in that span.  Rather than a half dozen QBs and 3 coaches in that time.

Yeah, they've managed to honk out of the playoffs for four years now.  But they've been *in* the playoffs for 4 years. And they played for a conference title today.

On the other side, you had the Niners.  Jim Harbaugh was probably never going to the be the Dolphins coach.  But there was an overture, and he went to San Francisco.  And that blows as a fins fan, doesn't it?

Meanwhile I made a comment during the NFL draft in '11, which you can read here.  Yeah, I made the mistake of calling him "Dan" instead of "Colin" but I had a hunch about the 49ers QB. (I correct it here)  I thought he was gonna be good.  And guess what?  He is.  And he's going to a Superbowl.

And how do you like them apples?  Ted Ginn, jr (and his family) are also going to play for a championship.  Wouldn't it be awesome if he somehow won the MVP?
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