Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday playoff games

No one should be surprised that the Patriots won.  They own the Texans, much like the Texans own the Dolphins.  Sometimes these things just go this way...

The Falcons finally won, with their QB Matt Ryan, who Miami passed on to take Jake Long.  He may have been 0-3 previously, but at least his teams have qualified for the playoffs over that span!  And just as a reminder, the Dolphins and Falcons were in the same spot several years ago, and looking for a new direction.  The Falcons wooed Parcells but he chose Miami.  He's gone, his coach is gone, and his GM should be gone.

Meanwhile Atlanta went in a different direction, and has had stability and success.

Oh, and I couldn't NOT mention the rookie QB who had an absolutely outstanding performance for Seattle.

It just goes to show that stability and a good QB can go a long way...
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