Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stadium improvements

I couldn't help but notice that at last week's BCS championship, the Dolphins had added seats to the sideline behind the "home" side.  They were likely temporary, because they were put in quickly, but it demonstrated what the Fins plan for the long term.

Now comes word that the Fins are going to make yet another grab for public cash as early as this week.  Of course the refrain is the same: use a hotel tax and possibly a sales tax to pay for it. 

But this time, there's an interesting twist.  Barry Jackson (Miami Herald) provided this quote: "We're furious what the Marlins did slashing payroll, because this will make it more difficult for us [with politicians]," a Dolphins official said. If approved, "Sun Life will be like a new stadium," the official said, "and it will delay the need for a new stadium by 25, 30 years.... Stephen Ross will cover a large chunk of the costs."

Reading between the lines, Ross will pay for some of it himself (you could probably add "if he has to"), and they're pissed because another owner grifted and caused the tap to likely be shut off.  And as a citizen, I say: good!  Pay for it yourself!  Its your private stadium, and your private team.  Why do I have to pay for upgrades?  Sheesh.

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