Monday, January 21, 2013

Questions about the conference title games

Did the fact that the Ravens fired one-time Dolphins coach Cam "Cam" Cameron late in the season have an impact on their performance in the playoffs?

Will history remember Lewis as  a great player, as a criminal, both, or maybe something in between?

Will the reporters these next two weeks get the story on Lewis' conviction correct?  (he was convicted of obstructing justice, as a misdemeanor, and nothing more)

Will Tom Brady retire? If he doesn't, will he be any good next year?

Will Bill Bellichick apologize for running off the field without talking to anyone? 

Did the Patriots really punt twice from the Raven's 35 and once from their 45?

Who does Jack Harbaugh root for (the dad)?

Does the NFL have a deal with the Patriots to only call penalties on their opponents?  It sure seemed like the calls went their way an awful lot!

Does San Fran win their 6th title? (no, that can't be right, can it?)

Or does Baltimore (the Ravens that is) win its second?

Did Terrell Suggs really say what's on every Dolphins fans' (and Jets and Bills, plus many other fans) minds when he said "(We) shut them out in the second half! Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl! arrogant f---ers!"

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