Sunday, January 20, 2013

Harbaugh Bowl!

The story goes that no team that led the league in scoring offense has ever won the superbowl.  The Patriots led the league in scoring, so naturally, you'd expect the Patriots to lose.

I think most would agree that Tom Brady is on the downside of his career.  Look, he's still a better QB than most of 'em, even in the twilight of his career.  But, you can see the slide.  He had a couple of mediocre games this season, and was due to have another one - and it came to pass on this Sunday.  He really wasn't very good today.

I suspect the slide won't be as gradual in the coming season or two, that's how it works with QBs.  And that means that the days of Patriots fans lamenting their own 8-8 season and saying "Remember when we had Brady?" can't be that far off.

As for the Ravens, how about Ray Lewis and Ed Reed having one last gasp?  That's something.  And Joe Flacco having an opportunity to win it all intrigues me because he was the guy that Miami, and really most of the NFL passed on in 2007 (when Miami took Jake Long).  See what a good QB can do?

And just to keep things interesting, Brendon Ayanbadejo is a former Dolphin (he was here when the Wannstache was still around).  So, no matter what, a former Dolphin will have more Superbowl rings than Dan Marino.

I look forward to the hype of the big game between the brothers.  And it should be a fun game.
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