Saturday, December 22, 2012

Matt Ryan

I'm watching the falcons play football and I'm thinking to myself "sheesh the dolphins made a HUGE mistake in taking jake long over Matt Ryan"

Wow. Miami might be relevant now (rather than "at some point in the future") if parcells/Ireland made better decisions.

And it's yet another reason why Ireland should lose his job.

I'm just sayin'....

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Sounds familiar

Tony Sparano said recently: "It's combination of things but I wouldn't use the words 'didn't work' at all.  We had a plan going into this thing. But obviously the plan always, at that particular time, was that Mark was the quarterback and Tim would have a role and to what degree the role was, if I remember correctly, it was one-to-20 plays in a game. Some days it was eight, some days it was one, some days it was none. Just predicated on what we saw out there. Tim has worked really hard out here, he's done a good job, he's worked hard on the practice field, but that's where we are."

Change the names a little and its the same tony we had here. 

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where the Dolphins currently stand

The NFL is really weird, last week I was calculating the Dolphins draft position of what it could possibly be by the end of the season (My predictions was somewhere between 12-16). I thought even though the Dolphins weren't mathematically eliminated there was no way they were going to the playoffs, not even with an 8-8 record. Too many teams would have needed to lose in week 15. However now after one week there is a possibility, maybe a small one but one that I could see realistically coming true. If you haven't heard already this is what the Dolphins need to happen:

1. Dolphins win vs. Buffalo AND at New England- I see the win versus Buffalo this Sunday, but the New England one would be hard. However with the Patriots already in the playoffs they could possibly rest some players.

2. Jets lose vs. San Diego OR at Buffalo- Not too worried about this one, the 2012 Jets excel at playing bad football

3. Bengals lose at Pittsburgh AND vs. Baltimore- I could realistically see this happening. Andy Dalton still hasn't beaten the Steelers yet in his career and Baltimore although they have looked bad lately they are still a playoff team with good talent. 

4. Steelers win vs. Cincinnati AND lose vs. Cleveland- This is where the Dolphins need to do some praying. It would seem pretty unlikely that the Steelers would lose to Cleveland in Pittsburgh. However the Browns did beat them earlier in the season so anything could happen. 

If they don't make the playoffs they are currently hold the #15 pick in the draft, so theres that. 

Say what?

The guy who chairs the Super Bowl host committee had this to say about the bid to bring "L" to Miami. Wait south Florida. No wait it is Miami:

"We need to reach out to all four corners of the five-county region and make sure that we've got everything on the table because a 50th anniversary only comes around once in our lifetime,"

I'm glad we only have 4 corners in the 5 counties!  Otherwise wed be a pentagon. 

And I really was hoping Miami would win the bid for the second 50th!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A couple of quick thoughts

While Sundays win was "nice," keep in mind that the supposed blowout was against a VERY bad Jags team.  And Miami managed one TD until the 4th quarter.  Again, field goals were the norm.  Woot, woot, Ryan Tannehill finally strung together one good game in a row!

Now as for our old friend Nick Saban, who came on a local radio station yesterday....Can there be any debating the fact that his sole purpose in coming on was to try and recruit Miami for his playing-for-the-championship Tide team?  I mean come on!  The guy is a liar and a fraud, and a tiger doesn't change his stripes.  'oh I've been walking around for 6 years now, and never told anyone this, but I really wanted Drew Brees.  And I'm soooooo sorry about how I left...'  Puh-lease.

It took you 6 years to come up with something that lame?  And people are buying it because he sounded genuine? Yikes.

Oh and by the way, if he is in consideration for the Browns job, then he would naturally have to suck up to the NFL city he left previously, because it makes him sound better to his potential new employers.  He was contrite!  He made a mistake!  Riiiiiight.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fantasy football

As much fun as fantasy football is, I always keep in mind that there's a fairly large measure of luck in the outcomes.

Still, my teams generally underperform (much to the delight of my friends!!) and I am often on the sacko bowl. [thats a reference to a fantastic show on FX called "the league" that I highly recommend]

The playoffs started today. My terrific starting qb was none other than RGIII. Of course held was held out. But my backup is Eli Manning and he had a solid week last week.

Eli got just over 4 points and that amount is absolutely the reason I lost. And of course Russell Wilson was available as a free agent this week (he had somewhere around 40 points)

Sacko, here I come!!!

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