Thursday, December 13, 2012

Possible changes

Okay, I was reading up on the possible elimination of the kickoff.  I am generally a fan of the game as it exists today, but understand the desire to evolve it.  Forget about making it safer - that's just noise.

The idea would be after a TD to give the team that scored the ball at their own 35, and make it 4th and 15.  They can choose to go for it (replacing the onside kick) or punt it away (replacing the kick). 

I'm on the fence.  Yeah, it takes away the job for the kick returner, and perhaps the kickoff specialist.  But it might be more interesting.  I'd be curious to see it tested out somewhere for a couple of games.

The other major change that's being proposed is "expanding the playoffs."  Right now, its the 4 division winners plus 2 wildcards in each division.  So 12 out of 32 teams (37.5% of the teams make the playoffs).  You want to wind up with 2 teams playing for the conference championship, and essentially that means an even number of teams making the tournament.  Or perhaps an odd number with an odd number getting a bye.

Some options:
  • 7 teams with 1 bye (6>3+1>2)  = 43.75% of teams make the playoffs
  • 8 teams with no byes (8>4>2) = 50%
  • 9 with 7 byes (2>7+1>4>2) = 56.25%
  • 10 with 6 byes (4>2+6>4>2) = 62.5%
  • 11 with 5 byes (6>3+5>4>2) = 68.75%
  • 12 with 4 byes (8>4+4>4>2) = 75%
  • 13 with 3 byes (10>5+3>4>2) = 81.25%
  • 14 with 2 byes (12>6+2>4>2) = 87.5%
  • 15 with 1 bye (14>7+1>4>2) = 93.75%
  • or everyone with no byes (16>8>4>2) = 100%
It seems to me that having a reward - a bye - is still a good idea.  But you can't have too many byes.  And you can't have everyone making the playoffs.  I suspect they will simply add one team, because its the path of least resistance, and the math works easiest.  But a 10-team deal with 6 (all division winners plus the two best otherwise) byes would be interesting....

In any case, it seems to me that the interest at this point in the season would be greater.  Imagine that some 6-7, 5-8, and even 4-9 teams would still be in this thing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I guess it's time for him to leave

You may recall that nick sabans wife was vocal when they left Miami. Something to the effect of "we were like prisoners"

Rumors are swirling that Saban will take his tiresome act to Cleveland. 

And this week his wife said "A victory does not feel quite as happy, as joyous. It's just relief and let's get ready for the next game. And that's unfortunate … the expectations are at the point now that everyone expects you to win and expects you to win it all."

I can hear it now. Tide fans who thought he was all that suddenly mad because he up and leaves....and good luck to the city of Cleveland and browns fans. 

As Gregg Easrerbrook often says "the law of weasel coaches holds true: when you hire a coach who is only in it for himself, you get a coach who is only in it for himself"

Dolphins need a strong finish

The Dolphins are 5-8 right now playing decent football which has helped them stay in a lot of games against good teams the last couple of weeks. However as it stands now the playoffs look bleak and some are saying that tanking the rest of the season and finishing with a 5-11 record would be ideal because that way we secure a good draft spot.

I however disagree with that. The Dolphins need a strong finish in these last 3 games. We need it for the development of Tannehill, Martin and all the other young players. We need to find out what the players are really made of and which ones are playing hard even when the season doesn't look good. Maybe securing a high spot in the draft could help us out next year, but we need to build some sort of momentum that can carry over to next year. Most of the good teams you see right now have been able to string together some wins toward the end of the season and have been able to carry it over in the following year. Even though it doesn't seem like it, the next 3 games are key.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well, he failed forward

Former dolphins coach cam "cam" Cameron was sacked as the ravens OC.

He was living up to his own mantra. Make mistakes. Do poorly. And fail forward.

Here's a thought: he told us when fans booed to turn those thumbs down into thumbs up. I say stick that thumb and your mouth.

NYTimes: Concussion Liability Costs May Rise, and Not Just for N.F.L

NYTimes: Concussion Liability Costs May Rise, and Not Just for N.F.L.

The N.F.L.'s legal battles also involve how much money, if any, insurers are obligated to pay, and the dispute could hurt teams, leagues and schools at all levels in other contact sports.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Five wins, 8 losses

I heard talk throughout the season about how good this team *could be* ....and yet here they sit at 5-8.

The "awful" Jets have a better record...
"Bad" teams like the Bills, Cleveland, San Diego, and New Orleans have the same record.

The dolphins are mediocre and couldn't beat my grandmother.

Funny thing: there was an article in today's herald about how the 49ers have made better personnel decisions, and they are in much better shape than Miami.  Harbaugh wouldn't have made a difference here.

So - methinks its time to turn Jeff Irelands world around again.  Let's hear it for it being time for him to go....