Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alex Karras

As I learned more about football whilst in high school and college, I decided to read biographies from pretty much as many players as I could find.

Many of them were similar in tone and not discernable between one and another.

But, one of my personal favorites - and as it happens quite memorable books -  was _Even Big Guys Cry_ by Alex Karras.

When I heard he was sick last week, I was thinking about this glimpse into his personal and professional life and remembered fondly reading it.

And when I heard he passed away today, I wanted to pay my respects and suggest that if you have an opportunity, you read it.

Dolphins - Jets tickets

For those of you that couldn't get (or afford) tickets from DolfansNYC, might I suggest you checkout have tickets for the game that are probably  cheaper than you might think. You can check them out here:

For the record, I have no connection with ScoreBig, but I definitely want to see some aqua and orange at the stadium, and here's a way you can get there!

Jets-Dolphins tilt

Dolfans NYC has purchased  - and sold - almost 200 tickets to the Jets game - and will be taking two buses to the game.

If you are interested in joining them, they organizing a massive tailgate - If you look at the map (link below), it's the dark blue square within Lot "L". The goal is to arrive by 10am.

They will be doing a raffle for charity and a bunch of other fun stuff and we are all sitting in just two sections so a corner of the stadium should be Aqua & Orange.

For more info, visit the DolfansNYC site!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Tannehill getting better every week

Finally the Dolphins have won a close game. All I heard through out the week was how in the last two years the Dolphins have been horrible in games decided by 3 points or less. Tannehill did just enough to give them the win. He didn't break any of Marino's records but this game that he played today may have been better then the one from last week.

Tannehill didn't have nearly as many passing yards as last week and he didn't have a TD like he did last week, but more importantly he didn't have a turnover. The biggest thing criticized last week was that he had 3 turnovers, 2 INTs and a fumble, but today he was able to correct it which helped lead to a new career high in passer rating for him with a 92.3 rating.

One of the best factors to see how successful a QB will be in the future is if they are able to correct the things they did last week. I'm not saying now that Tannehill is not going to have another game where he throws for multiple picks or turns the ball over a lot because that is part o the growing pains of being a rookie. However it is nice to see him correct the thing that ultimately cost them the game last week. Week one he had a lot of balls batted down, today I can't remember a single one being batted down. That's a good sign that he is improving his game, and that his future looks bright.

Tannehill didn't break a record today but he did what he had to to get the win. I love seeing a cool calm and collected QB who is able to correct his mistakes and not dwell on the past. For the first time since I could remember I can finally say that the future does indeed look bright. It's going to be a fun ride

Anthony Armstrong could be the key to a Dolphins win

The Bengals are going to be without former Dolphins CB Jason Allen and rookie Dre Kirkpatrick. Also somewhat surprising news Nate Clemens who normally starts at CB will be playing safety leaving Leon Hall and Terrance Newman to start at the two CB positions. Both are pretty good corner backs and could give Hartline and Bess trouble during the game, which is why I believe that one of the keys to a Dolphins win becomes the play of Anthony Armstrong. With Allen and Kirkpatrick out and Clemens moving to safety, Armstrong will probably be up against Adam Jones for much of the game. With Naanee gone and Gaffney inactive it's time for Armstrong to step up and provide some help to not only Tannehill but to (the NFL's leading receiver) Hartline and Bess helping them receive one on one coverages. A solid 4 or 5 catch game for 50 or 60 yards could provide a lot of help to this team.