Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Agreement in Principle Has Been Made Between Refs and NFL

Timothy Burke via ESPN
The NFL and NFL Referee Associations have made enough progress last night that they are currently talking about the possibility of bringing in the locked out refs to call the games this week. This means that an agreement in principle has been made.

This has to be great news for all NFL fans out there (excluding Seattle fans). No disrespect to the replacement referees, because calling an NFL game is extremely hard and something that I am sure I would not succeed in, but the replacement referees were not trained properly enough leading them to not be 100% suitable to call an NFL game. The replacement refs tried their hardest but the speed of the game is something that they are not familiar with. One thing is for sure, the job the NFL referees do on a weekly basis is not going to be unappreciated anymore for me at least.....or until they make a bad call during the Dolphins game, whichever comes first.