Friday, August 24, 2012

First Half Notes

The most anticipated preseason game as we all know is the 3rd one. This is where the starters likely play into the 3rd quarter and where the players and coaches actually have a plan set and scout the opposing defenses. Here is the notes I took during the game

• Another rainy day in south Florida, not the ideal weather but football is played in all elements
• Dolphins win toss, receive the ball first
• Bush with a nice 18 yard run on the first play
• Good hard count by Tannehill to draw falcons off sides
• First drive stalls after an incompletion, run for -5 yards and a short screen pass
• Too many 3rd down completions allowed by the defense
• Great 4th down stop on 4th and 2
• Martin just got bull rushed to the ground pretty badly
• Tipped ball which resulted in an INT
• By my count the receivers have dropped 2 balls already and failed to get open, need to improve
• Good drive by Tannehill after throwing an INT but a drop by Fasano in the end zone kills the drive
• Vontea picks the ball off but it got called back for pass interference, at least he caught it
• Dolphins defense have played better in 2nd half, sack on 3rd down
• Receivers need to get open
• Great punt by Fields
• Dolphins just let up an easy pitch and catch for like a 49 yard catch
• Tannehill hasn't played bad he has played quite well, he needs more help. Running game looks ok and the line is playing well, someone besides Bess needs to step up at receiver
• It kind of feels like the Dolphins should be losing by more than 6, pretty good bend but don't break defense. 9-3 Atlanta
• 2 minute drill for Tannehill with 1:39 left from the 7
• Tannehill and Bess have a nice connection
• Another big catch by Bess on 3rd down. Playing well
• Great breakup by Gates on a tipped pass to save an INT and a possible Td
• Wake gets his 2nd sack of the game on the last play of the 2nd quarter.
• It's only preseason but the receivers ( besides Bess) need to step up. Maybe it's just the absence of Hartline

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recommended reading: Spygate the Untold Story

I have three words to sum this up: Wow!

I was pretty sure it was much worse than we were lead to believe, and I know for a fact that Senator Specter warned the NFL that tampering with evidence was criminal and must not ever happen again...but now there's a book that looks at the facts.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dolphins officially name starting QB

Ryan Tannehill has officially been named the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins. Philbin said that this was the best decision he could make at the given time. Philbin had said before preseason that he planned to name a starting QB before the 3rd preseason game and he followed through with it. There were questions when Garrard got injured if in fact Philbin would name the starting QB before the 3rd game and then again when Tannehill played good but not great against Carolina. I like the move and think it was the correct one to make because you want the players to know who will be the starting QB heading into the regular season and you want the players to know that the starting QB position was earned. I think that since Tannehill has outplayed Moore he gains the respect of his peers and if Moore would have been handed the job after performing poorly against backups it wouldn't have been good for the locker room. The one question I have with this is if either Garrard or Moore would be cut. Devlin has looked good and isn't making the amount Moore or Garrard are, so he should be a good #3 QB. If I had to guess right now it would be that Garrard gets cut simply due to the fact that he is injured , even though he has outplayed Moore