Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Look for Michael Egnew to be one of Tannehill's top options

Tannehill (Red) and Egnew (#84) in dolphins rookie minicamp 

When Tannehill was drafted many fans wondered who the Dolphins would draft to be Tannehill's number one guy and many assumed it would be a WR. However the Dolphins drafted a TE instead of a WR in the 3rd round and the two already have a connection. “Before I even (arrived in South Florida), he was texting me picturesof the playbook,” Egnew said. “He was just trying to get me acclimated to their offense, which was quite a different offense than what we had in Missouri.” Egnew was a WR turned TE and is a vertical threat and a defensive mismatch. In rookie minicamp Tannehill looked like he was in control of the offense and looked comfortable and threw a TD pass to Egnew during drills. Both Tannehill and Egnew will probably not take many 1st team reps in the beginning of camp, however they can both build a relationship with each other on the 2nd string squad. I believe this relationship will be important because I see Tannehill starting fairly early in the season and I also see Egnew as an impact player who can play significant time at around mid-season. The Dolphins need a safety blanket for Tannehill and if Egnew can turn out to be it that would be great for both their young careers and hopefully in the future.