Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ireland helps himself with a solid draft

Ryan Tannehill and his family > Ted Ginn and his family
Jeff Ireland has taken a lot of heat this season. Some of it he deserved and some he didn't because it was out of his control, like when he pursued Manning. However I now think we can now stop the fire Ireland chants and protests outside the stadium. I know that you can't necessarily draw conclusions after a draft because you never know, but I think Ireland really did have a good draft and showed he could take some risks.

The safe pick at number 8 could have been a defensive/offensive lineman who could come in and contribute right off the bat because Ireland was on the hot seat. It would have been a safe pick and there would not be any real risk. However in the future that pick might not have been the best option when we look back at it. It was about time that the Dolphins took a QB and a risk in the draft and if Tannehill turns out to be a good player we are in the playoffs. The same can't be said about a lineman.

We were able to sure up the right side of the line with the addition of Jonathan Martin who was projected to go in the 1st round before the draft. In the 3rd we selected Olivier Vernon and Michael Egnew. Vernon has 2nd round talent but character issues made him slide a little bit, but when he is on the field he could flat out dominate. We needed a pass rusher opposite of Wake in the new 4-3 base defense we will be running and we got it. Next we got Egnew who was a WR but converted to TE. He is the insurance policy Tannehill needs and we needed a pass catching TE. Yes we do have Clay and Fasano but at times Clay could always slide to FB and Fasano is more of a blocking TE and anyways at times in the Texas A&M offense they utilized 3 TEs.

Lamar Miller who we selected in the 4th, in my opinion, was the steal of the draft. Miller could have gone as high as the late 1st or 2nd round but he slid all the way to the 4th because he had shoulder surgery and health is a concern. However Miller has home run speed and it was a luxury that we got him even with Thomas and Bush. Bush will be used more as a WR in this offense and Thomas could serve as that goal line back. Imagine the speed we will have with both Bush and Miller on the field at the same time.

Kaddu in the 5th is a good coverage LB and don't mind the pick. Cunningham, our 6th round pick, is a good west coast WR. He is one of the better slant runners and although he does not possess elite speed he is more than willing to make the tough catches in the middle of the field. The DT Randell and the WR Mathews are also good prospects who could make and impact in a few years.

The more I look back at the draft the more I like it. WR could still be considered a need, but like Philbin said in his offense their is no #1 receiver. This could be a good sign because that might mean someone like Roberto Wallace has made enough of an improvement to become a #1 receiver or maybe they like Legedu Naanee.

Also on another note Tannehill said yesterday when interviewed at the press conference that he already  knew 75% of the playbook and another report stated that Philbin said that Tannehill had the playbook down within 3 hours. Tannehill is a smart guy and I recently watched a video of Gruden's QB camp and was impressed on how much Tannehill knew and you can tell Gruden was impressed as well. He also said that he has never seen a QB teach a WR first hand how to run a route and was impressed. I strongly recommend that you watch the video to not only see Tannehill but get a sneak peak at the offense we will run. I now wouldn't be surprised if Tannehill beats out Moore and Garrard for the starting job in week 1. He knows the offense and even though he lacks experience Flacco and Sanchez both started right off the bat with even less games started.

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