Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The phone call

In my imagination, I saw a scene where GM, owner, and another guy playing a sort of "Who Wants to Be a Millionare?"  Owner has his turn.  The question is "he is the most famous Dolphin player."  Owner thinks for a moment, says something like "I think its Don something," and then says he wants to "phone a friend" and they decide to call a random season ticket holder.

The nearly 30 minutes pass as Owner has a conversation with him, then he ends the call. Only, he doesn't hang up and the season ticket holder is treated to this exchange:
Host: "Gee that took a while, do you have the answer?
Owner: "I forgot to ask him.  I got so busy with all this other pesky stuff.  Why do fans care?  Why can't they just follow blindly and accept that I'm the owner and I do what I want.  I mean, really, just pay for your season tickets and we'll be what we'll be.  I put a nightclub in the stadium for goshsakes"
GM (in the background): "Wheeeee...."
Owner: "That's really distracting, could you stop spinning in your chair?"
Host: "So, your answer is?"
Owner: "wow, this is tough.  I think he might have played, ummmm, quarterback?  And that reminds me, do we have one of those?  Yeah I suppose we do.  That's what I tell the media tomorrow that the guy we have is the guy we wanted all along!  Now let me think, did I hear the name?  The guy said we haven't had a quarterback since, uhhhh, wow, I'm drawing a blank here."
GM: "Did you ask what his mother does for a living?"
Owner: "Enough of that.  The answer is Ed Marinara?"
Host: "You're the owner, so CLOSE ENOUGH!  You win.  As Always."

Then the phone disconnects

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mock Draft 1.0

Since we are at a pretty boring time during the offseason I thought it would be fun to release my first 10 picks of my mock draft.

Colts- Andrew Luck QB
Well this is the pretty obvious pick, a player who is widely seen as a can't miss prospect and the next Peyton Manning. They didn't get rid of Manning for no reason, the only question is how early they will make the pick.

Redskins- Robert Griffin QB
Again another obvious pick, they traded up to #2 and are not going to risk another season of Rex behind center. RG3 gives them an explosive weapon on offense.

Vikings- Matt Kalil OT
The Vikings are in desperate need of an offensive tackle and someone who can protect Ponder's blindside for years to come.

Browns- Trent Richardson RB
Peyton Hillis left after a season filled with injury and that left a giant whole and RB. The Browns need weapons on offense and they need to set up a good running game to help McCoy next year.

Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne CB
The Bucs have historically been known for their tampa 2 defense and causing turnovers while having a dominant D-line. McCoy is there on the D-line now its just time to upgrade the CB position

Rams- Justin Blackmon WR
If the Rams are in this position come draft day they take about 10 seconds to make this pick. It's time to give Sam Bradford some weapons, especially now that Lloyd left to New England

Jaguars- Melvin Ingram DE
The Jaguars need to get a pass rusher. Now with Andrew Luck in the division as well as Schaub and last years 1st round pick Locker they need some pass rush on them

Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB
Finally a QB taken in the 1st round since Dan Marino. Tannehill knows the offense because Sherman was his head coach and now is the offensive coordinator. Makes too much sense, however so did Flynn.

Panthers- Quinton Couples DE
I believe the Panthers go defense here and put thee pressure on Brees, Ryan and Freeman. A solid offense and a defense that can get after the passer could really improve this team.

Bills- Riley Reiff OT
The Bills want to run the ball and protect Fitzpatrick, and they do so on this pick. The offense was successful for the first part of the year but then died down through out, they need to improve the offensive line to give their QB more time to throw the ball and open up some running lanes.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment as to how you think the top 10 picks of the draft will play out.

Also these pictures where taken from on their mock draft central page.