Friday, March 23, 2012

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is regarded by many as the 3rd best QB in this years upcoming draft. That may not always be a bad thing when you have a once in a decade sure fire QB in Luck and the track star QB who throws a very accurate ball and won the heisman in RG3.

The Dolphins make the most sense for Tannehill as their offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill's head coach. Tannehill was previously a WR and Sherman thought so highly of him that he moved him to QB where he succeeded and beat out all the other QBs. Tannehill possesses great mobility and pocket presence and is considered an accurate QB. He fits perfectly into the new Sherman/Philbin west coast offense and could be the future of the Dolphins. It will also give Tannehill the perfect opportunity to become a leader as he will be familiar with the offense and could teach other players it as well as gives Philbin a chance to draft his own players and use the mindset that the Packers have in which you build through the draft (notice how small of a splash the Packers have made this season). This pick makes too much sense and could be the reason why the Dolphins passed on Flynn and where not serious players in the RG3 sweepstakes.

Greg Cosell, who spent numerous hours studying film, thinks so highly of Tannehill that he believes the QB is a superior prospect when compared to Christian Ponder who was drafted last year and #12. Now the one problem would be if he can get past the Browns to number 8.

Jeff Irleand

I've got a question for everyone: how many GMs in the NFL can you name?  3?  4?  Have you ever heard the national media or other players talk about them?  So the fact that Ireland's name is national, and players are talking about him is not a good thing.  Rather, its a bad thing.  We had the same problem when Rick Spielman was here more or less, didn't we?

But that's not all. In an article today, Armando talks about Jeff and tells us that he wants to "build this offseason through the draft" and that he was handcuffed by the salary cap.

First things first: you are down about 4 starters (two on each side), and some key reserves and you intended to put rookies in there?  Or maybe some guys who couldn't crack the lineup last year?  Yikes.

And then the salary cap.  Clearly, YOU are the problem with the cap.  You've been here for going on 5 years.  Only a few (what is it, 3?) players are left from a previous coach or GM.  So that means that all current contracts have your signature on them.  If the Dolphins don't have money to spend, that is your fault, and you can't simply explain it away as "oh its the salary cap" know what the cap is.  You have a cap-ologist.  You knew last offseason there would be a smaller cap when the CBA was signed. 

No, this mess the team has is all on you.  As I said before: 7-9, 7-9, 6-10.  The players account for most of those records. 

And from what I read: Peyton really had no interest. Alex Smith took this as a free paid vacation to Miami, but had no interest.  And Matt Flynn saw the Fins weren't serious about signing him.  So, while Jeff "tried" - he really didn't.

I am not joining the media in calling for his ouster, because they focus on the wrong things.  I am calling for his ouster because he can't manage the cap, and can't find good enough players.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The nfl handed down fines and punishment to the saints organization yesterday and you could argue that in the big picture it means little and the game remains the same. Like spygate, it's a blip to the sport. Except for one little detail. Mike Ornstein, who did not work for the saints, was contributing money to the bounty program. You can read all about it here The oops is that there is a paper trail linking an outsider (and convicted felon) to the program. No doubt the justice department will want to look into it. Plus it could expose the nfl to more lawsuits related to paying players outside of the CBA. The nfl is extremely scared of him and what might happen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Championship here we come!

The NFL is a tough business.  If you're a GM you get it from all sides - the media, your owner, the fans - and there is no pleasing everyone.

Just ask the much maligned Jeff Ireland.  Guy can't catch a break.  Nevermind what the the media says about him - its clear they don't like him - think about what he has done for this franchise.  He's assembled personnel that went 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10. 

And the secrecy is probably the most annoying part of it all.  I know they want to maintain a competitive advantage (so no one knows if someone's mom is a prostitute).  If he would just appear to be telling us something, rather than letting the media speculate, we'd be better off.

And on that note, what he does say relative to what he actually does is troubling.

He stated that we would have an upgrade at QB.  Oh and he tried, by all accounts.  But in the end, he gets David Garrard, who is above average, but not a world beater.  Consider this: he was let go by the Jags on the eve of the season and no one even called him throughout the season - not even the Dolphins who needed a capable backup. And now he's here as the upgrade.  Rejoice dolphins fans. 

The trade of Marshall felt "weird" - although the Dolphins got something in return   And the re-signing of Paul Soliai could be good - if the Dolphins use a 3-4 because he is truly a nose tackle.  The other signings?  Who the heck knows?  Releasing Yeremiah Bell, who led the team in tackles and won the man of the year?  That too was odd.

The Dolphins sure felt awfully close last year - well at least at the end of the season, going 6-3.  It almost felt like maybe they were only a few parts away. from being good.  But with all of the changes, I'm not so sure.

But at least we can still do some celebrity sightings at the stadium!  Maybe with only a handful of fans, we can even get autographs!

Monday, March 19, 2012

NFL Network should just cover 31 teams

Again NFL Network did a segment in which it had another state of the Dolphins in which Joey Porter and Warren Sapp again talked about how bad the Dolphins front office was. This is really getting excessive. I know this is the off season and NFL network has nothing else to report on but really again with piling on how bad our team is? I really hope that they just cover every other 31 teams besides us at this point. I want them to stop talking about us, they should just pretend we moved out to Canada. I don't about you guys but turning on the TV or going to to see if any new news developed and then there is those "analysts" bashing our team is depressing. Its getting old and excessive NFL network go report on other teams. I know its part my fault for turning on the TV and going to but I'm just trying to see if anything else has developed.

The Media

I turned on NFL network today and obviously I heard the Manning news and all that good stuff and then something catches my attention. They begin to talk about the "state of the Dolphins", apparently no one wants to come here and this topic came up because Ryan Clark tweeted something out the other day that no one wants to play here after Flynn went to Seattle. First of all if the Dolphins truly wanted Flynn they would have got him. They were offering him back up money, not franchise QB money. Anyways they are laughing it up, Jamie Dukes, Rich Eisen and the saints former full back there thinking they know everything about the Dolphins which ticked me off a little.

Next I went to Pro Football talk and Florio is there writing about how bad the owner is, saying he "swung for the fences and hit himself in the face with the bat."

I have become really tired of this. Everything Ross does is seen as desperate and he looks dumb to the media. Ireland is getting laughed at for still not finding a QB even though the draft still hasn't even started yet. Fans are setting up billboards telling Manning to come here, and then there was the sign during the Jets V Dolphins game wanting them to fire Ireland and neither of those happened. It's come to the point where it's just embarrassing. I wanted the Dolphins to get more in the news which they have this year, but almost all of it is bad. It's just so embarrassing, and I know that I will probably forget all of this if the Dolphins win next season but I just hate being the future Lions when they were bad.

Anyways here is the tweet from the safety:

No one! To believe I almost went there but it was easy decision not to. GM RT @captmrose: No kidding! NOONE wants to go to the Dolphins!
It basically reads like this: some guy tweets the safety that " No kidding, no one want to go to the Dolphins. Then the safety says no one does, glad I didn't go there because of the GM.

Also on another note Clark's tweets afterwards are him responding to fin fans who get upset and he responds to things like have a good day or some other short message that he doesn't really mean because if he did he would have deleted the tweet and apologized. Don't let the fame get to your ego Clark making other seem small because your in the big leagues, just my opinion.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bumper sticker I'd like to see

Honk if you turned down the Dolphins offer to play QB - or were rejected by them!

Yeah, there would be a lot of honking, based on just how many QBs have slipped through Miami's fingers over the last two decades.