Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sean Smith Gives a Sneak Peek into the New Nike Uniforms

Nike is taking over the NFL jerseys this year and as I had posted before, Nike has tweaked some things to the uniform. One of them was the NFL gloves, which were worn during the Pro Bowl. The same concept as the college football gloves when both hand are put together and the logo was seen was incorporated. I also noted that the logo color seemed to be a new color, a lighter aqua, which as seen in the logo from the picture that Sean Smith posted on his twitter account seems to be lighter than the original. An excellent point was made by a follower of this blog Vic107m, a graphic designer, who stated in a comment on the previous post that "Nike did in fact slightly change the design. The same aqua is present, but they have incorporated a gradient from the aqua we know and love to a lighter more vibrant version of the color. This helps create more depth in the figure." I thought personally this was a pretty cool change.

Also as seen in the photo, the Nike logo is also present on the sleeve, which is a minor change to the jersey. It is rumored that the jerseys will be revealed during the draft in April but they could always be leaked before that, in a manner similar to what Sean Smith did.

Below is also a photo of the gloves revealed during the pro bowl.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dolphins Agree to Trade Brandon Marshall to the Bears

The Dolphins have traded Brandon Marshall to the Bears for 2 3rd round picks, one this year and another next year. This, in my opinion, probably means that they are really close to signing Manning and need to clear up cap space. Brandon Marshall was one of the highest paid WRs so it does make sense in that aspect. Also there was a report that Manning did not want to play with Marshall because of his attitude on the field and he will demand the ball, something that Manning did not want to put up with. In those two aspects it makes perfect sense, we clear up a lot of cap space (we only had 9 million) so we can sign Manning and his former teammates Reggie Wayne, Saturday and/or Clark. This is just my educated guess, so I could be wrong and maybe the Dolphins may not end up getting Manning, but from my point of view it certainly looks like they will now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Peyton's place

The reports that Peyton may have not shown as much "love" for Miami because he was being followed like oj Simpson on the la freeway probably were exaggerated. But they were funny and undoubtedly had some element of truth to them. He's lived in relative quiet in Indy, and here he would be the (latest) savior. But there's more to it than that. He stressed to the broncos and cardinals that he wants to win superbowls. End of story. Miami is more than a qb away and has an entirely new coaching staff. And by all reports players are not generally wowed by Jeff Ireland. And Stephen Ross' - lets say quirkiness - may hurt more than help. So maybe he goes to another city. And Miami has to go another direction. Please, please, please draft a qb this year!