Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nike reveals new gloves

Here it is, one of the many changes to come as nike now takes over the NFL uniforms. This idea for the gloves, as you probably may know, is seen in college football and i like it. You will see a lot of Wrs and RBs when they score make this shape with their hands next season. Im excited to see what the Dolphins uniform will look like next season, if there are any changes to them but knowing Ross he will probably allow Nike to alter the uniforms. Maybe we will see Flynn wearing it next year, who knows. What do you guys think about the new gloves and Nike taking over the NFL?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Creative thinking

Don't know if anyone caught Armando's blog entry about the fins stopping by the herald and lamenting not being able to fund stadium improvements, including removing some seats in the upper deck and adding some in the lower deck.  The objective is to ensure that they can sell out.

I believe they just weren't thinking creatively enough!  With this legislation to turn the stadium into a homeless shelter when not in use - why not just invite the homeless to the games? 

Seats full?  Check.  Homeless have a place to go?  Check.  Doing some good in the community?  Check.

Hobo Joe would have a great time at the game.  Maybe he could even use the locker room showers...