Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dateline Miami -

The Miami Dolphins surprised sports fans everywhere when they announced the signing of Regis Philbin as the next coach of the team.

"We're excited to have a celebrity coach for this team," said owner Stephen Ross.

"We knew we had to have star power, and if anyone can get the most out of the players, we think its Regis!" added a beaming Jeff Ireland.

For his part, Philbin said "I am so excited about this.  Now you know why I had to leave the talk show with Kelly.  And it was really hard to keep this a secret for this long."

Regis is expected to hire Erik Estrada as offensive coordinator, and Mr. T as defensive coordinator, according to those with knowledge of the decision.

"I'm looking forward to big things from this team, and especially my new starting quarterback Jason Bieber. Excuse me, Justin, I guess I need to get more in tune with this younger generation.  He's just so popular right now.  I'm sure teenage girls will love the experience at the newly renamed Burger Barn Stadium," added the owner.

Glimmers of Hope

In my previous post, I noted that "the times they are a changing'" and that theme certainly continues to play out. Today, with the announcement by Miami's front office that Joe Philbin is the new head coach for the Dolphins, I have my first glimmer of hope that our owner and team are no longer adrift.

What to make of this decision by Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland - what does it say about them? In my view, it offers the suggestion that owner Ross, after many embarrassments along the steep learning that comes with being a rookie owner in big time pro sports, may finally be getting his bearings. And it further suggests that actions from team leadership are improving in both coordination and effect. Taken individually or collectively, these are good signs.

Further, what to make of Coach Philbin himself? My personal feeling is the Dolphins have found a more modern and slightly more aggressive version of Tom Laundry which is good medicine. The franchise has long needed to eliminate the huge pendulum swings of emotion, philosophy, and organization that have minimized the opportunity for success. Great organizations, regardless of how they look on the outside, are almost universally "no-nonsense" and settled once you peer behind the curtain. Look for Coach Philbin to provide a mature and steady hand to all areas of this team. Gone are the days of Nick Saban's hubris and indignation, of Cam Cameron's misguided notions, of Dave Wandstadt's limited vision, and Tony Sparano's inability to make in-game adjustments and favor of the field goal as opposed to touchdowns.

Next steps - What to expect? I'll tread lightly before jumping full tilt on the Matt Flynn bandwagon, but do believe the Dolphins have an incredible advantage in landing him IF he is as good as the tease from his limited performances. I know it is no bad thing for Flynn to have apprenticed in the stable and winning environment of Green Bay and at the foot of one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the league. The bandwagon I will jump on is that of Jermichael Finley. Huge upgrade for our team if we land him. If Flynn is as advertised and he and Finley come as a package deal, our draft is free to plug other badly needed holes and the Phins become truly competitive for the AFC East for the first time in many years.

Better days are ahead - Keep the faith!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Philbin is the guy?

Seems as though its a done deal, and Miami goes the route of Green Bay's OC.

Like all of you, I have no idea of Philbin will be any good.  Sure Green Bay's offense was good - very good - this year, but while he game planned, he didn't call the plays.  Still, being associated with a winner is a good thing.

But I have one rather large concern about him: how effective will he be in light of his son's death?  I'm a parent, too, and I can't even imagine what this loss would be like, nor how it would affect me.  But, I would generally think it would be a distraction.  It sure seemed like it when he coached the Packers last weekend, didn't it?

If I were Mr. Ross, I would have let him know that unfortunately its not in my team's - or his - best interest to consider him for a head coach opportunity under the circumstances, and moved on.

But Mr. Ross who wanted to make the big hire, went ahead with what appears to be a yawn! at this point.

Here's to hoping it works out, and he's here for more than 2 years, and has some amount of success.

Good luck to us, fans, good luck to us.  It doesn't appear on paper that this will work out. But who knows?

Joe Philbin will be the Dolphins next head coach

Finally, we got the news that we had been waiting for and expecting all day today. Joe Philbin will be the Dolphins new head coach and after numerous reports on how McCoy was the Dolphins leading candidates yesterday, Philbin is the one who gets the job. The Dolphins did a really good job not saying anything and making everyone believe we would hire McCoy.

I, like most of you, love this hire I wrote a piece on Philbin last week where I said that I wanted Philbin because he comes from a really explosive offense with the Packers and he could bring in Flynn and sure up our O-line, something that Sparano supposedly a O-line guru couldn't do. Philbin doesn't call the plays but he does make the game plans, and as you saw last week that the Packers aren't the same team without all of his full game planing because of his tragedy of his son. Hopefully he brings here some Packers coaches (our offensive coordinator will likely be Tom Clements the QB coach and someone who people say does a really good job at what he does) and some players and bring a winning attitude here. Philbin isn't a big name but I believe he is the right choice. Plus he knows all the strengths of Flynn because Philbin has coached him for 4 years.

Now time for 2 months of Matt Flynn talk.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship is bad

I know. I said I wouldn't post. But I am making an exception to take a stand. Today is the day of the Internet blackout.

Imagine if your favorite site - dolphins or otherwise - was shut down because of this legislation.

That. Would. Suck.

Call your senator today and tell them to stop Internet censorship!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dolphins coaching search reportedly down to just 3

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins will be interviewing Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin and Mike McCoy for a 2nd interview in New York. He also ruled out the idea of Mike Zimmer as the Dolphins head coach. I think that Bowles probably won't get the job because Ross wants an offensive minded head coach which could bring the list down to just McCoy and Philbin. I wrote an article on why I would like to see Philbin as the head coach because of the success of the Packers Offense and the fact that he could bring in Flynn. McCoy is the Offensive coach of the Broncos and he called the plays for them throughout the year. Give him credit for adapting to Tebow's strength midway though the season and changing the whole system, which showed his ability to coach players up, given his limited time in doing so. He is also very young and still in his 30s which fits the "young Don Shula" which Ross talked about. Also he coached Matt Moore with the Panthers and got him to play good. However he was taught under Dan Henning's system with the Panthers if that means anything.

Mike Nolan taking the Atlanta DC job

This was something that came as a bit of a surprise to me and I am sure to some of you too. The Dolphins defense was clearly their strength and now to see the play caller gone kind of hurts a little. Although who knows, maybe we would have gotten someone who runs a 4-3 or a head coach that calls his own defensive plays causing us to not resign Nolan. I think that if the reports a couple of days ago that Mike Zimmer was on the top of the Dolphins list, he certainly is now if not in the top 2 or 3 now. Also remember he has a ties with Ireland from the days with the Cowboys.

Also the colts HC job just opened up, which could affect us. The opportunity to get a once in every decade player as Luck would certainly entice candidates to take that job. Also Dave Toub just signed a 2 year extension which rules him out of the equation, which is a relief to many Dolphin fans. I would still like to see Philbin or Zimmer as our coach, maybe more Zimmer now that Nolan is gone, so that Zimmer calls the plays and possibly Daboll (unless Zimmer brings in his own guy) calling the offense.

Update: According to Armando Zimmer is off the Dolphins list, the Dolphins are looking for an offensive coach