Monday, December 31, 2012

Playoff thoughts...and QBs

I couldn't help but notice something about the 12 playoff teams:
* 3 have rookie QBs.
* 3 have first ballot hall of famers
* 3 have second year starters
* There's a good QB in Houston
* and of course the other two are Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco who were available when Miami selected Jake Long.

Let it sink in.  6 (or half!) of the QBs who led their teams to the playoffs are rookies or are in the second year.

Miami has a rookie who was "okay" maybe even "good" but he didn't change the team they way these other 6 did.  And when you look and see he had an absolutely lousy 12 TDs (ie, less then one per game, un-freakin-believable, and ties the record for a starting QB for futility).  And he threw 13 picks.

Chad Henne did about the same in his first year starting here - and people are saying Tannehill is better?  Maybe he has more upside and potential, but numbers are what they are...

Dave Hyde made a comment to the effect of 'if Tannehill were coming out of college this year, he would probably be the top prospect'....I'm not buying that, and neither should you.  Matt Barkley and Landry Jones were "top prospects" last year who returned to school and now nobody has them high on their wishlists.   The fact is, you can't know how Tannehill would have performed in college - especially with Johnny Football on the bench behind him.  Get *that* guy on the field, and bench Tannehill might have been the theme all year.

You can argue he doesn't have the talent around him, but don't great QBs elevate the play of those around them?  I'm going to repeat something I said earlier in the season: Tannehill is not the long-term answer in Miami, and will be another in a line of QBs who never made a significant impact in the NFL.

But thank you, Jeff Ireland, for at least trying this year.  Now get back to it, and find the next guy...

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