Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dolphins need a strong finish

The Dolphins are 5-8 right now playing decent football which has helped them stay in a lot of games against good teams the last couple of weeks. However as it stands now the playoffs look bleak and some are saying that tanking the rest of the season and finishing with a 5-11 record would be ideal because that way we secure a good draft spot.

I however disagree with that. The Dolphins need a strong finish in these last 3 games. We need it for the development of Tannehill, Martin and all the other young players. We need to find out what the players are really made of and which ones are playing hard even when the season doesn't look good. Maybe securing a high spot in the draft could help us out next year, but we need to build some sort of momentum that can carry over to next year. Most of the good teams you see right now have been able to string together some wins toward the end of the season and have been able to carry it over in the following year. Even though it doesn't seem like it, the next 3 games are key.
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