Monday, December 31, 2012

All in all a good season

Well the 2012 NFL regular season has concluded and like most seasons over the past 10 years the Dolphins have not qualified for the playoffs. It feels like just yesterday hard knocks was on and all the drama that it carried. David Garrard was supposedly going to be the starting QB throwing to Chad Johnson. Tannehill wasn't even mentioned as a possibility when training camp started. Fast forward to the last day of December and Tannehill has started all 16 games and has led this ball club to a 7-9 record.

This season has given Dolphin fans some hope for next year. We have been able to defeat a couple of playoff teams this year in the Bengals and Seahawks and have played tough against most teams. The Dolphins have close to $47 million to use on free agents and the draft and with a young roster there should be a lot of improvements next season. However there is still a lot of ground to gain to catch up to the patriots as evidence from the 28 point shutout they handed us yesterday. The number one need for this team is a wide receiver and maybe even two. I believe the Dolphins would be wise if they were to sign one and then use one of their first two picks on a wide out.  I also believe they need another CB opposite of Sean Smith. If Long does leave we need to spend some picks on the offensive line as well. Fasano is a good blocking TE but in a league where TEs have played a bigger role in the passing game we need to get a pass catching TE if the coaching staff feels that neither Clay or Egnew will pan out. Reports are Ireland is safe for this year so it is his job now to bring in talent to this team.
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Hope?? which team were you watching?? This is the same thing we have been watching for the last ten years. The only thing that has changed is the coach. We will be a pathetic as we were this year next year. Sorry I don't want to rain on anyones parade but I have seen this for to long, until we can compete with the likes of the Patriots and teams of that calibur we will always be nothing more than a joke which is what we are now and have bee for quite a while.


I agree with the previous reply. In a year we'll have a new GM after Fireland gets canned for a dismal draft. Then in two years we'll be hiring new coaching with another "hopeful" as the new QB.