Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A couple of quick thoughts

While Sundays win was "nice," keep in mind that the supposed blowout was against a VERY bad Jags team.  And Miami managed one TD until the 4th quarter.  Again, field goals were the norm.  Woot, woot, Ryan Tannehill finally strung together one good game in a row!

Now as for our old friend Nick Saban, who came on a local radio station yesterday....Can there be any debating the fact that his sole purpose in coming on was to try and recruit Miami for his playing-for-the-championship Tide team?  I mean come on!  The guy is a liar and a fraud, and a tiger doesn't change his stripes.  'oh I've been walking around for 6 years now, and never told anyone this, but I really wanted Drew Brees.  And I'm soooooo sorry about how I left...'  Puh-lease.

It took you 6 years to come up with something that lame?  And people are buying it because he sounded genuine? Yikes.

Oh and by the way, if he is in consideration for the Browns job, then he would naturally have to suck up to the NFL city he left previously, because it makes him sound better to his potential new employers.  He was contrite!  He made a mistake!  Riiiiiight.

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