Sunday, November 11, 2012

Web Weekend and Dolphins game

As Dave mentioned before in a previous post below he and I attended the Dolphins web weekend. It was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it. Saturday I was able help out the troops with the Dolphins special teams event in which I boxed up items to send to troops overseas. Later on in the day I toured the facility seeing memorabilia such as Hartline's gloves in the game he broke the Dolphins receiving game record. Also took a tour of the locker room where I saw Joe Philbin, by the way he is a pretty tall guy. Oh and on a separate note the Dolphins will be wearing aqua on Thursday night in case some of you where wondering. Saw the training field and bubble up close which was really cool.

Later on we heard from Ireland and Dee who revealed that we will in fact have a logo change. A nice mix of modern and old. Heard from Jim Kiick, one of the 1972 Dolphins running back and was able to get his autograph. I wish we could wear our throwback uniforms with the 40th annual celebration of the '72 team this year.

Sunday before 1 o'clock was also very fun. Got to be on the field before kick off and the whole thing felt unreal. It's one thing to see the players on TV but it's another to see the players from about 5 yards away. The seats where great, right there behind the left end zone, the one across from the deep end.

The game was another story. I came into the game expecting to see a motivated talented eager team and I just felt that we just gave up. Looking around as well I saw so many empty seats which was really sad. Like Dee said you can not influence a game from your couch and maybe if there where more fans at the game it could have motivated the players a little more. However I feel like the Dolphins should find ways to get people to come to the game. I believe they should have a buy 5 (just throwing out a number) tickets and get like 1 for free. Maybe this would get families or coworkers to come to the game together. I would like to see an orange out or white out game, maybe hand out free simple white t shirts with the logo on it to the first 2,000 people. That way you get people to show up games and they will show up earlier. Just a thought.

I don't really know what to say about the game. I could list all the things that went wrong such as turnovers etc, but that might take all day. I saw a lack of motivation. The Dolphins did not run the no huddle to the same speed as previous games. The defense could not contain Locker much like they could not contain Luck last week. Now with a short week the Dolphins need to turn their focus on the Bills.

All in all I loved the Web Weekend and thank Dave and the Dolphins for inviting me, it was truly a great experience and I met a lot of cool people there.
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I am going on record and predicting that the dolphins will not win another game with Tannehill at the helm. He is Chad Henne all over again. Matt Moore or Pat Devlin would give our offense the boost it needs to run the table on our remaining games. Tannehill is simply not ready to be starting. I knew that he was not ready. I can tell already that he will never be an elite qb. He does not have that killer instinct like Dan the man and other defensive killers.