Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today's Dolphins game

As you may have noticed, I posted a few pictures related to today's game - including a few cheerleader pics. And you may be asking: What gives?

To be fair, I am not the huge fan I once was, and I haven't watched many games, but I have lightly followed the team.  I have a sense of what's going on, and I do still care to a point - they're still my favorite team...

And this weekend, Richard (the writer you see posting here often) and I got invited to come out and socialize with other web sites. I didn't partake of all activities that were going on due to some other activities I had personally, but I tried to get in on some things.  And I wanted to share with fellow Dolphins fans a few hilights.

  • Joe Philben gave a brief talk and answered some questions.  I like his approach, and I can see why players respond to him.  But as a fan, I wasn't too impressed.  He didn't wow me, and didn't "command the room" the way other coaches have.  He did make a comment about the team being disciplined and playing well - except for a 5 minute stretch in Houston.  Well, that, and the entire game today.
  •  We had a chance to preview the 1972 video that is now available.  Its pretty good, and I enjoyed it. 
  • Jeff Ireland made fun of himself.  He talked about all the negative stuff that has gone on around him and how he *was* the most maligned man and today people like him. For now.
  • Mike Dee expressed the Dolphins desire to improve the fan experience, and to make the team more accessible and interesting.  (there's still a little matter of just who might pay for stadium improvements, but I'll leave that alone)
  • I had a chance to catch up with some of the other Dolphins site owners.  These guys are great, and kind of like an extended family.  And it occurred to us that there are three of us who have been to all 9 web weekends (hard to believe its 9!).  Me, Igor (Dolfans NYC), and  Dave (The Dolphins Make Me Cry) are the stalwarts. Its kind of like the reporters who have made it to every superbowl.  :)
  • The game SUCKED.  The Dolphins were terrible.  But, I can tell you that they are at least making an effort to make the fan experience more compelling.  The sideline club is cool.  Some of the fan things they do are interesting, and make for what appears to be a better experience - at least the Dolphins are trying!
  • I had a chance to talk with a ticketing guy.  We exchanged a few thoughts about why ticket sales are down - certainly mediocrity over the last decade (except for one year there they made the playoffs), the tight-lipped nature of the team for the last little while, the unfortunate scheduling of not-quite-marquee opponents, and the overall cost are factors.  My thought was that the relative cost of taking a family to a game is several hundred dollars, and in a down economy people don't want to spend that - and when the team is playing poorly that's an even tougher sell.

So it was a nice time.  And my thanks to the Fins for getting us involved. You may see some additional posts about it, or some ways to get other fans engaged and involved.  So stay tuned.

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Well It is like this folks; I am going on record and predicting that we will not win another game this season with Tannehill as starting qb. The guy is not ready. I knew he was not ready; but philbin wanted show everyone why a 5th rounder was drafted 8th over all. The guy is Chad Henne allover again. Matt Moore or Pat Devlin will give us the offense we need to win out; but of course, the coaches have to save face, so they will allow Tannehill to muck up the rest of the season.


I think the kid has some talent. But no question he had a bad game, following a bad game last week...sometimes these rookies hit a wall somewhere around the middle of the season. He appears to have done just that. Would Moore help? Maybe, but then you might hurt his confidence and sacrifice long-term gains for a short-term gain (in a season that's almost certainly lost). And Devlin? I actually wouldn't mind seeing what he can do - but if he is the 3rd team QB who they don't want to call on, then I would say he's not ready.


No David K. All the coaches need to do is sit Tannehill down and tell that we believe that we pushed you along too fast. We are going to let Matt Moore finish out the season. He won't have a problem with that. Remember, he did not want to start this season in the first place. Tannehill was content with being the backup or 3rd string. Why? Because he knew that he was not ready. What is more, the entire team, even though they are not expressing it, want Matt Moore or Pat Devlin at the helm. They see that Tannehill is not ready. Thus I say again, Miami will not win another game with Tannehill at the helm. The dolphins would have defeat Tennessee and the Colts if Moore or Devlin were running the show. In that game against the colts; on the dolphins last possession, Fasano had two steps on the db and could have gotten a first down and put miami in field goal range, if not a touchdown; instead, Tannehill decided to throw in traffic to someone else: check the tapes. Tannehill is a game manager, like Henne. They will fool you by scoring a lot of points every now and then, but for the most part, nearly every game that they play will usually have only one or two touchdowns every week. Matt Moore and Pat Devlin score points quickly and regularly. Especially Pat Devlin. Remember, in preseason he perform better than all of the other qbs; including David Garrard. Game managers manage games and usually get field goals. Starting qbs get touchdowns regularly!