Sunday, November 25, 2012

That was fun

Just when I was just about done with the Dolphins, they pull out a win against a good team and in a comeback manor. I started to notice that the last couple of games where really boring, mainly because we were losing. Now however just when you thought we were out of the playoff picture we pull off a win and are just one game back from a wild card seed. Two teams are ahead of us, the Steelers who lost to the Browns and are not looking good without Ben, and the Bengals who we would hold the tie breaker head to head against because we beat them earlier in the year. Tannehill had one of his more impressive games when it counted in the fourth quarter. He was able to pull out the comeback and pull three consecutive drives with scores that were desperately needed. There is still a little hope for this season in terms of playoffs but with two games against the patriots and one against the 49ers it will be tough. Also on another note Wilson is going to be a good player in the future, that guy is fun to watch and can make something out of nothing. However with that being said, from what I saw today I would rather have the guy who we have under center right now then Wilson for the present and future.
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We can win the division if we win out. The patriots have 3 upcoming games which they can loose; dolphins, 49ners and texans. However, first, we must take care of business. We have to run the table though and we can accomplish this by following this guideline: We have to score points quickly and abundantly in the first half. Tannehill needs to do these 3 things to immediate improve his effectiveness; (1) drop back farther (2) pump fake (3) run the ball more. If tannehill follow this advice, he will surpass Luck in his passing percentages. We are going to have to score a lot of points hence forth in order to win out. COACHES: do not overwork the players. I can tell that the players were well rested today, which is why they did not give out or give up in the forth quarter. Physical practices should be reduced as the season progresses. If the practices are not reduced then Miami will not win another game. You see, exhaustion was the whole problem anyway which caused the 3 game loosing streak!!!!!!!! We should also get Rishard Matthews ready to play our deep threat receiver. The rest of our season starts next week!