Monday, November 12, 2012

Dave's game notes

I was highly suspect of those around me who suggested the Dolphins were better than their record.  Of those who thought somehow - as if by magic - the dolphins "could be" 7-1.

The record spoke to who they were.  Look, as a fan, I was generally happy with the wins.  You take them where you can get them, and don't worry too much about it.

But there's no doubt this team was - and is - flawed.  And the Titans made that exceptionally clear.

On offense, Tannehill appears to have hit the rookie wall.  Most players get there, but a few elite players can push through it.  Ryan is there, and while his game will probably get better, he has to play through this to know.  Reggie Bush's fumble was horrible - but 3 picks (one for a TD) were worse.  But you have to let the kid play through it and hopefully learn.

Let's face it, Martin is on the wrong side of the line, and has a technique problem.  And Long?  He's still a very good player, but not the elite player he once was.  Honestly, I would not be surprised to see Long depart as a free agent, and Martin move to LT - and overall, I think the team would be better off (gasp! sacrilege, I know!)

On defense, the secondary is still a need, and the linebackers pass coverage struggles at times (though with a better secondary, this may not be so glaring).  Its hard to fault the defense too much because they're more of a strength than the rest of the team.

Special teams is adequate  Brandon Fields gets called on to punt a lot.  Carpenter has had his ups and downs.  The return game has been okay.

Coaching has its moments.  I'm not thrilled by Philbin, but his coordinators are doing good jobs.  For me, yesterday there was one moment that kind of summed it up. Miami was down 21-0, and was driving.  They faced a 4th and short around the Titans' 30-something. It was still "early," since the game still had time left in the 2nd quarter.

Philbin sent on the field goal unit.  Okay, points are good.  But you're down by 3 scores.  Making a field goal leaves you....down by 3 scores.  You have to take chances and as they say "fortune favors the bold" ... Carpenter hits and Miami never had another good drive or scoring chance.  As someone said to me "its like they gave up."

And that appears to be the case.

Oh and by the way, I was lucky enough to have "locker room access" for yesterday's  game.  After the game, the team very quietly skulked back to the locker room.  So I took to saying *just barely* loud enough to hear (I didn't want to get a beat down, or have security get on me) "hey you guys were average today.  woot woot."
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