Sunday, October 07, 2012

Tannehill getting better every week

Finally the Dolphins have won a close game. All I heard through out the week was how in the last two years the Dolphins have been horrible in games decided by 3 points or less. Tannehill did just enough to give them the win. He didn't break any of Marino's records but this game that he played today may have been better then the one from last week.

Tannehill didn't have nearly as many passing yards as last week and he didn't have a TD like he did last week, but more importantly he didn't have a turnover. The biggest thing criticized last week was that he had 3 turnovers, 2 INTs and a fumble, but today he was able to correct it which helped lead to a new career high in passer rating for him with a 92.3 rating.

One of the best factors to see how successful a QB will be in the future is if they are able to correct the things they did last week. I'm not saying now that Tannehill is not going to have another game where he throws for multiple picks or turns the ball over a lot because that is part o the growing pains of being a rookie. However it is nice to see him correct the thing that ultimately cost them the game last week. Week one he had a lot of balls batted down, today I can't remember a single one being batted down. That's a good sign that he is improving his game, and that his future looks bright.

Tannehill didn't break a record today but he did what he had to to get the win. I love seeing a cool calm and collected QB who is able to correct his mistakes and not dwell on the past. For the first time since I could remember I can finally say that the future does indeed look bright. It's going to be a fun ride
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I always thought Tannehill was a good pick at #9, now I am beginning to think he might be something special.

Seriously, Tannehill reminds me of Payton Manning in the way he directs the line and calls audibles.


Even more amazing in my opinion is that he's doing thia all without a "star" reciever. I love Bess and Hartline, but they still don't strike fear in the opponents hearts.


yea Tannehill is able to call audibles at the line and is able to run the no huddle successfully. Also what I really like is his toughness in the pocket, he is able to wait until the last second to deliver the pass and keeps his eyes upfield and doesn't panic or fall to the ground and give himself up.


I believe he is developing well. Although I thought Moore should have started the season and let Tannehill be groomed like Aron Rodgers and Tom Brady. But he is doing his thing. I still think we are 1 big play receiver, 2 more corners away from competeing wit our rivals the Patriots. Somebody tell Jeff to find us some corners we are getting killed in our secondary.


I would agree with you that we are a WR and CB away. We need someone else to take pressure off of Bess and Hartline and one more Corner to cover the slot. I would also add a TE away as well who can open up the middle of the field.

the good thing is though that we may have a solution to each one on the roster right now for this season. Gaffney might be able to come in and contribute although he is getting up there in age. Nolan Carroll played well last game and Jimmy Wilson has potential. Also who knows how Clay made some plays as well.