Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jets sure are talking a lot for a 3-4 team

Robert Mayer, U.S. Presswire
Another Jets vs Dolphins week, another incident of trash talking from the Jets. A few weeks ago we all heard from Rex and the Jet players that they were going to put "hot sauce" on Reggie Bush. The brilliant Jets did this during the season of the bounty gate in which players and coaches were suspended for such remarks. Fast forward to the game and the Jets did what they sough out to do, they injured Bush for the game, however they lost there best player in the same game Revis. Fast forward again to today and now we know that the Jets are without Revis and their number one wide out Holmes for this game against a team that they needed a missed FG in overtime to win the game. A game in which Revis and Holmes both started.

Now we hear that Rex Ryan wants an apology from Reggie for comments made by him about how basically karma sucks. Not only that but Laron Landry, who basically prides himself on knocking people out in any means necessary hence his nickname "Dirty 30", said "He will remember that hit, every time he sees me, he will remember that hit." He also said this to make matters worse "If I get penalized, I’m not going to stop hitting or head hunting, I’m not going to stop the way I play." Landry also added on just in case the mic wasn't working initially "Just watch the way (Bush) runs on Sunday,” Landry added. “I'm not going to overtalk it or make it a story.”  Brilliant comments Landry. 

This whole trash talking stuff was cute 2 years ago when the Jets might have actually been good. However in a 3-4 year so far, an offense ranked 29th in the league and with a defense that is 30th in run defense this might not be the time to talk so much trash. 
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