Saturday, October 06, 2012

A followup on my two cents

After last week's game, I posted a comment that personnel was still an issue for this team, and that this points to Jeff Ireland.  I asked around to, lets say, some "people in the know" and learned that several of this year's draft picks were influenced by Philben and his staff.  That is to say the selection of Tannehill is not quite Ireland's doing.  Rather, Mike Sherman (who coached him in college) really lobbied for Tannehill.  And so it goes with several other players.

And while I'm happy to give credit for Ireland for actually making the selection, they were not all "his" picks.  And if you look at the free agent acquisitions (and departures), it wasn't great. And with the exception of the offensive linemen they (or possibly he, we don't know for sure) drafted, there really hasn't been much success in the draft leading up to this year....

Just thought I'd add that.
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