Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Optimistic view

The owner says: “At this point, I’m optimistic that we will be competitive and make the playoffs....We are a very young team with a first-year head coach and new coaching staff with a new philosophy and scheme. They are developing the players’ fundamentals and technique during this preseason, so it is not surprising they haven’t stressed winning yet. I believe in this head coach and staff and am looking forward to the regular season, where winning will be emphasized.”

Okay, he's the owner, and he can be optimistic.   But playoffs?  Really?  And *now* he wants to emphasize winning, unlike any of the last dozen years?

I don't see much upside on this roster, so developing players fundamentals is meaningless.

And what if they don't make the playoffs?  Are jobs on the line?  Will someone (Ireland, maybe?) be held accountable?

Sorry, but I don't share that optimism.  4 wins seems like a real possibility - and unless the Bills, Jets, and Patriots have 3 wins each, the playoffs seem elusive.


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