Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hurry Up Offense is the Key to Beating Raiders

There are a lot of match ups that are important in beating the Raiders but the one I think is most important keys comes from the hurry up offense. If the Dolphins can successfully run the no huddle it will tire out the strength of the Raider which is their front line. Seymour is a big guy who is disruptive in the middle but if the Dolphins can get a high tempo game going it will tire out D-linemen, greatly slowing down the pass rush and opening up the run game. Now this is easier said then done, the no huddle offense might not work initially when the line is fresh but if the Dolphins stick to it, sometime late in the 1st or in the 2nd quarter you will see the pass rush diminish. The Raiders CBs hurting after their top corner got injured and the extra time in the pocket should allow Tannehill to find the open WRs and let Bush find open holes in the defense
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