Sunday, September 09, 2012

Analysis of the game

The Dolphins lost again. There were some good things to look back on however, like the fact that for the most part our defense looked pretty good. Reggie Bush was able to find holes and became a patient runner. Thigpen ran a punt back for a TD. The o line was able to push the Texans around in the run game and played decent in pass protection. In the beginning it seemed like a lot was going the Dolphins way, tipped passes were completed and Tannehill was able to get out of trouble and looked good. However during the latter part of the 2nd quarter everything just went downhill. 4 possessions, 4 turnovers. Tannehill was picked off three times and Thomas fumbled the ball on a play in which he got injured and would not return.

I know most of you are probably mad at Tannehill but take a moment to think that he is a rookie playing his first NFL game. Besides RG3 the other 1st round QBs struggled as well. Luck tnhrew 3 INTs and Weeden threw 4 INTs. Tannehill needs to pump fake the ball more but you have to give credit to Watt. The man was a monster today and it's hard playing QB when you got that guy running after you. The Texans did have the 2nd best defense last season so you knew that it was going to be a struggle on offense. We will find out what Tannehill has in him next week after watching film on this game and making the necessary adjustments.

We need to pick up another WR this week, preferably a bigger receiver. Today confirmed what we already knew, the Dolphins don't have a play maker at the receiver position. Sure Bess and Hartline played well but we need someone else to give Tannehill another option. Too many passes were check downs and not enough throws to the outside and not too many passes went for big gains.
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I'm hoping to get a better look at the game on Gamepass again this week. I'm not convinced all the short passes were check-downs and in the last 4th down it didn't look as if Tannehill even looked at onyone else.

The lack of pass rush from the Texans on some plays seemed to confirm to me that they had enough faith in their DBs to cover so would sit and tip anything short.

I'd be curious (and don't expect to find out for sure) whether after the INT (the one that was a mistake) the brakes were put on by the coaching staff.

In the positives I would add that the kick return game looked good too.

But at times on O it felt like we were playing against 12.


I saw a few instances where Tannehill went through his reads and there was just no one open. And in terms of the tipped passes the offensive line has to push the d lineman down when they see them jump up. Also I would like to see them do more draw plays maybe incorporate a pump fake that way the linemen could jump up and that would open up a huge hole.

And yea they were babying Tannehill on his throws a little making sure he didn't throw a bunch comeback throws in which he could risk getting intercepted for 6, even though the comeback throw is one of Tannehill's favorite routes to throw to.