Friday, August 10, 2012

Tannehill plays well in preseason debut

Ryan Tannehill entered the game with around 3 minutes in the 2nd quarter and played all of the 3rd quarter. His first possession was a 3 and out but after a muffed punt he was able to drive the ball down to the redzone and threw a pass that appeared initially to be his first touchdown but after review it was ruled incomplete. The Dolphins went for it on 4th down to fall just short. However in the 3rd quarter Tannehill had a nice drive completing 7 of 8 for 83 yards which ended on an 11 yard TD pass to Clay. Tannehill ended the day going 14/21 for 167 yards and a TD. Overall he looked poised and in control in the pocket. He made audibles and threw the ball accurately and with touch when he needed to. I never remember being as excited as I was watching a preseason QB play and I felt as though Tannehill's possessions where more exciting to watch then Moore's because there were more big plays and the offense looked in sync. Matt Moore looked alright, wasn't flashy but wasn't bad either. I would be shocked if Tannehill doesn't start next week in part because of how he played today and also that if it truly is a QB competition Tannehill should get the start to compare both QBs more accurately.

Roberto Wallace made some really nice plays catching 4 passes for 71 yards and if his job wasn't secure before, I believe it is now. Richard Marshall also played well making a lot of tackles in the first couple of drives.

Chad Johnson dropped the only pass that was thrown to him. Vontea Davis was beat once on a pass that gained around 20 yards. Carpenter missed both his field goals and it was apparent he was the one who suffered most without Sparano's fist pumps after FGs.

The offense looked more exciting, barring it is just preseason, than last years. I really like the hurry up offense and if executed correctly it is a thing of beauty. There were some instances where players did not know what to run and if I remember correctly there was an instance where Johnson was confused as to what route to run. I thought Tannehill ran the offense a little bit smoother then Moore did and it was apparent he knew the offense
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