Saturday, August 11, 2012

Joe Robbie Stadium

As I watched the game last night, I noticed that the Dolphins did not make any significant changes to the stadium after the Marlins left.  Yes the dugouts are gone, and so is the awful dirt infield.  But Mr. Ross had big plans to put seats closer to the field. 

Its been a year since the Marlins left, and he hasn't done that.

It also occurs to me that the planned water park on the stadium grounds still hasn't happened either.

And then there was something else.  Of course JRS was one of the stadiums that was included in the pitch to bring world cup soccer to the US, and it gets used for occasional soccer games.  But now the Marlins are edging in on that as well.  A press release from them read "Miami is making its mark on the world's soccer scene with the inaugural Miami Soccer Challenge! Starting in 2013, leading clubs from Europe and South America will face off at Marlins Park in an unprecedented sporting event!"

Which means that he's losing out on some of that revenue stream as well.

And since the Marlins have a covered venue, you have to figure that more performances will happen there than JRS.

The Dolphins use it only 10 times a year.  UM football accounts for another 6, plus the Orange Bowl, and lets say 20 other events during the year.  That's 37 dates out of 365.  Wow, it could be used as a homeless shelter 90% of the time. (ha)

With season ticket sales are at their lowest level ever, you have to wonder how he's going to make money (of course, he will since he owns the stadium outright and has a favorable lease with the county for land use and taxes)....
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