Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hard Knocks notes

Let me start off by saying that I'm glad the Dolphins accepted the Hard Knocks invitation. That was a fun first show that showed everything from meeting with the coaches where they to cutting to player try outs to watching the Tannehill's walk their dog, all of it which I enjoyed.

A couple of things I noticed was right off the bat Philbin seems like a nice guy who has plenty of football knowledge. He seems to have a great personality and really innovative in creating a fast paced practice I'm which no second is wasted and all of it is productive. Also on a another note I liked that in the beginning of the show Philbin was with his staff and their wives and he said that he wanted all of them to be one big party, not just the staff but their wives and children which was really nice.

Chad is one funny person. He brings levity to hard times and during stress and helps remind everyone that it is just a game. He also seems to be in great shape and hearing the comments from the coaches on how great he looked was nice.

I now understand why Davis was listed as the #3 corner, he needs to get in better shape and play more consistent. However I believe that when the preseason games role around he revert back to the old Vontea and play like a #1 corner.

What I found interesting was that Hard Knocks made it seem as though Tannehill should be the starting QB and it seemed they thought he outperformed Moore and Garrard. Overall Hard Knocks was fun to watch and I look forward to watching next weeks episode.
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