Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hard Knocks Episode #2 Notes

Hard Knocks episode number 2 was on tonight which showed the couple of practices before the first preseason game until Johnson getting cut. Let me get right to it, here are some notes a noticed during the episode:

  • Man it would suck being a rookie this year, last year all I remember from the hazings was the rookies having to carry all the pads from the veterans and some other minor things. This year they get their hairs bleached and cut and one of them got his eyebrows shaved.
  • The O-line looks to be meshing together as a family and had fun with the "Call Me Maybe" song.
  • Ireland told Peter King that he knows we have #4,5, and 6 receivers but unsure if we have a #1,2 or 3.
  • Where has Chris Hogan come from? Sadly I was unable to go to practice live myself so the majority of my information comes from the beat writers so I wasn't able to get too much information. What I found weird however is that Hogan is currently listed as the 10th receiver on the depth chart and I didn't remember seeing him during the preseason game. However he was portrayed as a top half tier receiver.
  • I wish they would do more coverage on Naanee who is currently the #1 receiver on the depth chart.
  • Now I know why Wallace isn't a first team receiver, he struggles getting off the line of scrimmage. I remember last year this being his main issue but I had thought he resolved it or at least minimized it.
  • Glad they focused on Tannehill's play during preseason and acknowledged that he played pretty well
  • They showed a lot Jake's and Ryan's wives react from the stands, which I thought was pretty cool
  • Pretty interesting that Philbin mentioned a tweet by Johnson and the interview in which he dropped the F bomb several times on the phone before they had decided he would get cut. Helps us know Philbin's thought process and that Johnson wasn't solely cut on just one or two things
  • The Chad Johnson moment got really awkward. Hard watching a man get fired.
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