Monday, August 06, 2012

Garrard listed as the starting QB on the Dolphins newly released depth chart

The Dolphins have released their first depth chart and the position that people are most interested has Garrard as the starter, followed by Moore and then the rookie Tannehill. I agree with the coaches on this one because Garrard has consistently outperformed other QBs in training camp and played well during the scrimmage.

As far as the other positions, at WR Naanee, Bess and Johnson are the starters, followed by Hartline, Wallace, and Moore. Despite Hartline not being able to fully participate in practice he is still the number 4 receiver and I believe he will be the #2 receiver when all is said and done.

At TE Fasano and Clay are the starters. the offensive line consists of Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Hicks and Martin. The two new additions to the starting line are the free agent Artis Hicks and the rookie Jonathan Martin so it is great to see that the Dolphins have found two starting offensive lineman during the off season after the disastrous right side of the line they had last year.

There is a surprise at the CB position as Smith and Marshall are the starters while Davis, last years starter, is the 3rd CB. Odrick, Starks, Solia, and Wake are on the D-line. The two safeties are Clemons and Jones. Also another interesting note, Marcus Thigpen is the starting kick returner and Bess is the starting punt returner. Thigpen was another Canadian Football star (Wake was the other) as a kick returner and hopefully he can have the same or similar success in the NFL. Also on an interesting note Thigpen is the only player in CFL history to score a TD in 5 different ways (kick return, punt return, missed FG, reception and on a run) Bess is again the punt returner, he is reliable but not flashy. However I believe that if the Dolphins are down in the 4th quarter and in need of a big punt return Bush would most likely be back there.
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I believe that Vontae Davis is being saved for the regular season because EVERYONE knows that he is our best CB! I hope the coaches come to their senses and give T.O. a tryout. T.O. and Johnson would scare all opposing defenses. I believe Clyde Gates should start training as a halfback so that we can benefit from his speed.


I believe T.O just signed with the Seahawks. And I think Davis will end up starting and this is the coaches way of pushing him and possibly rewarding Marshall for a strong training camp. Should make for an interesting hard knocks storyline. And if I remember correctly Gates ran the ball a couple of times on end arounds last year so we might be able to use him in a Wr\Rb role kind of like Percy Harvin. Sadly I think Gates might en up getting cut because the emergence of young recievers like Wallace and Fuller as well as Nannee and Johnson. And our running back position has 2 speedsters in Bush and Miller as well as a potential goal line back in Thomas