Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dolphins Receiver Situation

Over the last few preseason games the common theme in all of them is that the Dolphins need better receivers if they want to be competitive this year. There have been too many drops, bad routes and the inability to get open in this years group of receivers. Right now I believe the only receivers that are truly safe from being cut are Hartline and Bess. These two are solid players and their spots on this roster are pretty much guaranteed. Besides them Naanee is in the next best spot and I believe he would have been safe if he had made more plays during the preseason. He seemed to disappear at times and had a costly drop on 3rd down on the first possession of the game. That leaves a number of receivers in doubt, including Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Jeff Fuller, Pruitt, Cunningham and Hard Knocks star Chris Hogan in doubt. Not helping their case either the Dolphins are working out Donte Stallworth and could be looking at other WRs as well.

I believe the Dolphins will keep 6 WRs on the 53 roster and keep a few young WRs on the practice squad. I also believe the Dolphins will sign one receiver making it even harder for the previous mentioned receivers. Right now its kind of a toss up as to which ones they will keep.

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