Monday, June 25, 2012

Right Now Garrard Gives Dolphins Best Chance to Win

 (Robert Duyos | Sun Sentinel)
     As we stand right now Garrard gives the Dolphins the best opportunity to win. From what I have heard and read of the Dolphins' practices Garrard looks like the best QB right now. He seems to have picked up the offense faster than Moore because he is familiar with the west coast offense and looks more in command of the offense than the other QBs. In this offense that Sherman and Philbin have installed, it is all about having an up tempo offense with primarily short accurate throws such as slant routes. The QB not only has to accurately throw the ball but take control of the fast paced offense and get others around him all on the same page to make it work efficiently

     Going into training camp the assumption was that Moore and Tannehill would battle it out. However now it seems that Tannehill, like any rookie QB, needs time to adjust to the speed of the game. Moore is learning a new system that he is not entirely familiar with and in the past Moore has never been too flashy in practice and seems to perform better on game day. This makes it tricky for the coaches in picking a starter based only on practice and they would need preseason games to see who is the better QB. Garrard is making it tough on Moore though with his good play in practice and his veteran leadership. Lets not forget Garrard was a pro bowler in 09 so he has shown he can play good football and maybe be like Pennington in 08. On an interesting note Garrard did play with Ochocinco in the pro bowl so they do have some familiarity together.


  1. 2010 is when Garrard was a pro bowler

  2. 2010 is when Garrard was a pro bowler