Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Look Back at the Dolphins Offseason

Since we have reached a pretty boring time during the off season I think it's a good idea to look back on it and give it an overall grade:

Trading Brandon Marshall
Not able to find a true number 1 receiver
Missing out on Manning gave the impression that we have gone 0/3 during the past 2 years in trying to get the known name player/coach

Signing Philbin as head coach. He seems like a very intelligent man who will be respected  by the players
Not having to deal with the bounty drama if we would have signed Fisher who brought Greg Williams with him
Signing Richard Marshall
Resigning Paul Solia to a very reasonable contract
Good overall draft highlighted
Hard Knocks, a great show for the fans and could alter public opinion of the team

Grade: B
I think that despite all the negative attention that we received during free agency and all the "FIreland" talk, Ireland shut the critics up (for the most part) with a solid draft. I like that we took a risks during the offseason with drafting a QB in the 1st round and agreeing to "Hard Knocks" which shows a change in the mindset of the Dolphins compared to years past. I don't buy into the fact we are rebuilding just because we have a fairly young roster. I think we have talent to compete as evidence of us winning 6 out of our last 9 games, which everyone conveniently forgets.
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