Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Risk with the Chad Ochocinco signing

Chad Ochocinco has signed a 1 year deal worth a little less than a million dollars (veteran minimum) with the Dolphins. This doesn't seem like a bad deal at all because the Dolphins seem to be getting a hungry and motivated veteran WR for little money and risk. Lets say Chad does bad and he doesn't get any first team reps and we cut him. In this scenario Chad isn't "taking reps away from young players" because he isn't taking first team reps and if we cut him we had signed him to a contract in which we can release him without having penalty because he signed a contract with no guaranteed money. Lets look at another scenario where Chad does good and becomes a starter for this team. We then move Bess to the slot where he originally plays and Hartline can have one on one coverage. Chad would also bring a veteran leadership with him to teach the young players and help them out. He has also never been a "cancer" on the field and has been fun to watch. It also gives us a big name receiver and makes us more of a must watch on Hard Knocks from a medias standpoint. I think this contract is a win win for both sides because Chad gets to prove all the doubters wrong and the Dolphins have really little invested.
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