Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On politics

This will probably be my only post on this topic during this election year - other than obviously reminding you to vote.

So, here's the deal: we're headed into the summer, the conventions, and then the election. The airwaves, and your mailbox, will be flooded with ads claiming this, or revealing that. Most of it will be simply slinging mud at the other candidate, or trying to get you to believe that the other guy doesn't know what he's doing, or will take away your pet hamster.

You may have already decided on who to vote for, in which case I would simply ask that you consider WHY you feel that way. Just make sure you vote for the candidate that best represents your interests.

Now if you are on the fence, and can't decide, I would simply ask that you consider your options and make an informed decision! Don't base it on the attack ads, or on who's taller. Base it on the relative merits, and do your homework. There are plenty of places to go for help - politifact is a good source that's independent - to get to the truth about what a candidate says.

Don't believe the hype, and pay attention to what they say....

Now back to dolphins talk. Thank you.
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Since you've approached the subject of politics I will only add that people should google the name "Bill Adair" and Politifact to see just how bias/non-bias they are.

Bill Adair is the editor of Politifact.

Unfortunately it's very hard to find a non-bias one stop shop when it comes to politics. I read their biographies, both Obama books that he's written and one of McCain's. I'm almost done reading Turnaround by Mitt Romney. I also do not watch major network news since I feel they're slanted to the left. I read CNN's website (way left) and watch FoxNews.